Dive Technician course

I’m going up to Morecambe at the end of this week for two weeks. I’ll be attending a Dive Technician course, to learn how to service regulators and to become a certified tank inspector! It sounds like quite a cool course, even though it’s not really what I want to do later… I guess I don’t really mind servicing regulators, but I’m quite scared of working with tanks, them lot can explode if you get it wrong! The reason for the course is mainly to get an edge on any other Divemaster applicants to the same position I might apply for later on… Any other skills you have add to the reason to hire you instead

The course is 14 days without break, up in Morecambe, which will be the most north I’ve ever been in the UK. I’m staying at some B&B the whole time, I guess I’ll experience all the take-aways in the area before I leave! Well, hopefully there’s some other people also doing the same course that are not from the area that I can hang out with… I’m bringing my laptop and five seasons of The Wire, a TV series a work friend has been telling me to catch up with for ages. I should be able to get well and truly into that. I’m also bringing my cameras and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some good shots while I’m there, the course runs 9-5 for 14 consecutive days but I’m hoping for some nice evenings. Also should be able to get some good sunsets out over Morecambe Bay.

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