S.E.T.T yet again

When I was getting on the ferry to Gosport from Portsmouth Harbour to get to the freediving course I spotted this other chap on the ferry who looked about as wound up and eager as myself. Well, I spotted the printed set of directions to the tank that I had another copy of… Anyway, that was Jeremy, who during the course became my buddy. He’d brought along his underwater camera so we got a few snaps of each other and the tank in general. Those snaps are now online!

Here’s one I took:

Also at the course there was an instructor, Hannah, who sent me the link to this video:

I’m in the end of it, 6 minutes in, Jeremy and me are buddying Hannah up from a deep dive with an added 9.5kg of lead (I’ve got the white/red top on). I don’t quite remember the reason for the added weight, but let me tell you, she went down real fast.

I also took some snaps, which you can find here.

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