It’s official

I’m leaving the country!

I’ve talked to my boss today and given him notice of my departure. I’ll be working until the end of August, then I head to the motherland for a few weeks to say hi to a load of family I haven’t seen in ages and then I’m off! I’m heading to the Philippines for a month first, on holiday… going to just chill out, wind down and do some more freediving. Also get a good tan before I start with the real diving.

So I’m going to try to relight the diving career, first get back into the swing of things and then do my Instructors course. My goal is to sign up with this reef conservation organisation called Coral Cay Conservation and work for them teaching diving.

This is obviously quite a big undertaking, and I definitely reserve the right to change my mind and come back crying, but I really do think I have a good chance of changing my life forever doing this. I always had the plan to escape the city and move to a beach somewhere, but along the line I got very comfortable and the plan kind of slipped further and further away. I really hope I can get this plan to work.

So, quit your job, I dare you!

4 thoughts on “It’s official”

  1. Brilliant! that’s the best news I’ve had in weeks. Best of luck, Andy & I’m going to come and dive with you in Asia once you get set up :)

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