S.E.T.T – 23 meters later

Wow! What a weekend, fantastic stuff!

In the end I didn’t quite make it to the bottom, which is 28.5 meters down, but I got down to 23 and I’m happy with that. Just prior to this course I dropped some random comment on how a few meters wasn’t that much difference to experienced freedivers. Only a day later I learn that freedivers extend the depth they go to about a meter per month when they’re in training!

The whole weekend was absolutely great, I didn’t quite reach the targets that I had set for myself, but when I actually got into the water I quickly realised that those targets were a bit unrealistic. I hit a kind of mental barrier at 20 meters that I had some problems getting past, the second to last dive I did I forced myself a little bit deeper and I felt quite shaky when I got up, so no more of that.

So now I am a one star freediver and hopefully I’ll get some time soon to complete my two star practical exam. Swimming down to 15 and hang around for a while before slowly swimming back up is no problems. Nice.

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