I’ve got this small issue, I get pieces of meat stuck in my throat every now and then. Obviously it’s quite irritating to have to go to hospital to swallow your food…

It seems like I have some really weird condition where the esophagus doesn’t work as it should at the very end, just before it reaches the stomach. So if I get excited while eating (this happens quite often) and I forget to chew properly it gets stuck. Most of the time it’s enough to jump around a bit, stretch the upper body and suchlike, try to force down some water and it will slide down.

I’m now on my fourth hospital visit due to ‘Foreign body stuck in throat’ as the nurse put on my form yesterday. The last time it happened was quite a few years ago and I thought I might be over it, but no. And this time it was a pretty hefty size of pork that got stuck as well.

An endoscopy is when the doc sticks a scope, basically light and camera in a tube, the size of your little finger, down your throat. You get light local anaesthetic and told to lie on your side. It’s is very uncomfortable, just believe me. Two of the previous three times I needed an endoscopy as well, first time I was awake and the second time they put me out completely. I think I preffered being completely out, even though it was rubbish waking up from the anaesthetic.

First time I had it it was literally; stick the scope down, have a quick look, push the food down, another quick look, and done. 15-20 seconds top. Yesterday it took an hour and a half. Of me whinging and gagging.

Memo to self: buy portable liquidiser.

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