Short Brazil visit

I was in Brazil last week, I left London very early Sunday morning and was back again Sunday afternoon (yesterday). 27 hours travel to get there and 22 hours back. Nuts!

The trip was to get a CPF, I guess we can call it a national insurance number or something suchlike, it would have taken me over two months to get it from the UK but took only two days to arrange while over there. We also had to sort out some more paperwork so most of the week was spent in stuffy offices and in transit to said offices. When one is planning to spend most of the day in an office one usually doesn’t plan on bringing sunscreen. Well, as it turns out you still have to be outside when you’re travelling to those offices! So I managed to burn my forehead and shoulders a bit…

Obviously it was the warmest week so far this year, all perfectly blue skies with not a single cloud in sight, 30+ temperatures all week. We had to visit a few offices that required long trousers and more proper clothing in general so we brought trousers and shirts in a bag and nipped around the corner of the building to dress up before we went in! And then straight out to get rid of all that clothing immediately afterward.

At least it’s looking like we should be done very soon, I’m planning to go to Switzerland later this week to open a bank account, which is pretty cool and scary, and then we should have all the bits we need for the sale to continue. Awesome. The shopping list is getting rather long in my head already! Danger!

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