It looks like I have to go to Brazil for a few days. Literally, go there, sort something out, go back. My brother and me inherited some land over there after our father, and now we’re about to sell it. It turns out that we have to have a CPF number something something, I guess it’s like a social security number or similar. If I apply for it here it’ll take up to three months to get it, if I whizz over there I’ll get it same day.

Only problem is that I don’t really have time for it! Got my mum visiting soon, and then my team-member at work is on holiday, I can’t go while he’s away… As it looks now I have to be away a few of the days my mum’s supposed to be here.

I sent flowers for Mother’s Day which arrived today, and after they were delivered I talked to my mum on the phone, and after that I talked to my bro and he got excited over the fact that I was a bit short on time to go over there. And then he goes and calls my mum to convince her to talk into the fact that I have to go and this is more important than her and so on. I was planning on calling her tomorrow again and talk about this, and I feel a upset about the fact that my bro wouldn’t let me take care of this… In a way, what he said to mum, the fact that I’m too nice and wouldn’t be able to let her know that maybe I had to do this now, is nice and all, he was ready to take the brunt of it all, but come on, let me handle my own situations here… no?

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