My name, in case you hadn’t already guessed it, is Andy and this is my little corner of the Internet. I’m a web developer specializing in MVC PHP applications with semantic HTML5/CSS3 front-ends. I was born in Sweden, lived in the UK for 10 years, half a year in Hong Kong and I now live in the Philippines, happily married with two kids.

The last position I held in the UK was Head of Frontend Development at IG Index; a large and very successful financial spread-betting firm in central London. During my five years there I managed the Frontend Development team in charge of all public facing websites, development and maintenance of the custom-built CMS and Intranet.

My strongest specialty is HTML/CSS but I have always kept up a very high level of middleware development as well; I used to develop sites in Classic ASP with MS SQL databases, but have now moved over to PHP with MySQL solutions.

Forward thinking

I’m looking for any size projects, I have experience with both big and small development teams; all from flying solo to managing 10+ people teams.

In my spare time I’m developing a few of my own sites to further strengthen my skills in Object Oriented PHP, working with different MVC frameworks; I have a pretty good understanding of Zend and CodeIgniter. The last project I was part of also used Doctrine ORM and Smarty templating which I’m eager to try out from scratch on my own.

Away from the keyboard

I’m a very keen scubadiver, have a healthy interest in freediving and surfing, and trying to get back into rockclimbing. I also try to take photos of the things that I do, most of the shots I’m happy with are taken underwater.